How to guard against DDoS Attacks, Stressers and Booters

ddosUnfortunately, in the dark world of DDoS attack much as you may not be the target of the attack, your device may be used as a botnet or zombie to launch an attack on the target website or business. As such, IP booter threats should not be thought of as a problem only business, organizations or institutions must deal with.

DDoS can be defined as intentional or purposeful disruption of an online service by overwhelming it with lots of data traffic. With so much traffic to deal with, the end result of such attacks is that the target website tends to slow down since it fails to handle the huge flow of data packet requests. Unfortunately, a slowdown in managing data packet requests means that a number of legitimate users to the target website are denied access.

How is the attack done? The first thing is the presence of a master computer, which can literally be anywhere in the world. With the master computer at hand, the next thing is to infect as many zombie or botnet computers as possible. Once the botnets or zombie computers are infected, it becomes easier for the master computer to issue the attack command. In essence, the botnet or zombie computers are what a stresser is really about.

Now that you know how the DDoS attacks can be made possible, even though you only use your computer for personal reasons, it is important to help reduce the number of such attacks over the internet. That being said, below you will find some of the ways in which you can safeguard your computer against becoming a botnet thereby contributing to these malicious attacks.

  • In case you own a website then it is extremely important that you have a chat with your webmaster to help protect it from malicious traffic. Once the malicious traffic is curbed, a booter can be stopped in its tracks before it enters into your system. There are also instances when incoming traffic is rerouted to a third party provider in order to filter through it.
  • Take special note of spam emails which entice you with exciting deals, discount offers or of packages that have been sent to you. In case you have no idea or little idea of the person who has sent you the email, it is best not to open any attachments that come with the given email.
  • In case you are browsing through a website and come across a banner or ad that is not related to the content of the website you are visiting, it is best not to click on the ad or banner. This is because the ad or banner may be tainted with booter codes which are intended to enslave your system.
  • Install reputable removal solutions as well as malware identifiers. In case you don’t know which one to go with, read through tech reviews to have a better understanding of the malware identifier or removal solution you intend on installing.

Now that you know the distributed DoS and how the threat of an IP booter is real, it is important to take measures in order to safeguard yourselves against cyber crime.…

Reasons why you should consider SEO for your Business

If you have a small business, then in addition to the common ways to get to your target market, you also need to come up with practical and innovative ways to boost your business lest it drowns. With the internet coming into the picture, small businesses do also have something to smile about since they have the opportunity to compete with the big businesses. With the right techniques, a small business does too have the potential to beat a big one to the front of search engine rankings.

Internet_marketing_bannerSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technical tool used by businesses to help improve their online presence.  SEO can be good or bad. For it to be good, it means using legitimate methods and techniques to get noticed on search engines and for it to be regarded as bad, it means using crooked means to get noticed faster. Bad techniques may get you noticed faster but they can also greatly affect the website when it is penalized.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider using SEO for your business some of which include the following.

Your website can be easily found

When SEO is done right, chances are high of your website getting noticed. It can help you get in front of the right audience and make your business boom. When done gradually, you stand high chances of building your brand thanks to the right SEO techniques. One of the ways to make your brand known is to have blogs and frequently update your website’s content.

It is a cost effective way to market your business

Initial costs may be expensive especially to small business but in the long run, SEO can be quite cost effective since it focuses on your target audience or potential target audience. Whenever your target keywords bring visitors to your site, it gets more recognition thus making it better and stronger in the long run because trust and credibility is attached to its ranking on top search results.

It helps drive offline sales

Believe it or not, a number of people do search the internet for local businesses where they can buy products or services offline. This is why it is important not to ignore your local listings as you go about incorporating your SEO strategies.  You need to strive to drive as much offline traffic to your business as possible with appropriate digital marketing strategies.

You get the right audience with high conversion potential

This is because SEO is highly targeted. The end result is that you get the right audience on your doorstep. With the right keywords used, you are able to get the right audience knocking on your door and ultimately converting into sales for your business. In order to achieve this however, you have to have a better understanding of your visitors’ search and needs to avoid ultimately losing a sale.

SEO makes you more competitive

With so many other businesses striving to grab visitors’ attention, it is inevitable that there will be competition. When you have a clear understanding of your target audience and make use of the right SEO tactics then you stand greater chances of out-competing your competitors. You can do this by presenting quality information to the huge traffic of people that may have for example noticed an Ad from another company and come to check it out over the internet. When your SEO is done right, you can take advantage of that traffic and drive it to your website instead.

Ultimately, in order to succeed with your online marketing, you need to put in place the right SEO strategies. You need to have the right components such as the right keywords if you wish to succeed in your branding efforts or to have a better online presence.




4 mistakes to avoid in Online Marketing A Real Estate Business

hand holds a marker in hand writing down the various strategies of Online Internet Marketing.To err is human which is why sometimes even with the best laid plans, you might make a mistake or two. You might have the best marketing strategy but unfortunately there is always room for a mistake or two to be made.

A look at some of the most common mistakes made in online real estate marketing:

Focusing on listings not people

As you market your business, there may be times when you lose focus on the most important entity-the people you are trying to market to. Instead of striving to provide potential clients with a great experience as you market, you may lose focus on trying to shove the listings in their faces. Find ways to market your listings in such a way that you create a wonderful experience for your potential clients.  You can create a blog proving them with useful information in buying real estate for example.

Not taking time to research

It is tempting to jump on every available marketing bandwagon however; you run the risk of jumping on the wrong one. Take an example of social media marketing. Just because other businesses are thriving on Twitter for example doesn’t mean your business will also thrive there. As such, you need to thoroughly research on the strategy you intend to use before actually implementing it. You can also check out your competitors and find out what is working for them then proceed to find ways to make it work better for your business.

Being in a rush to get the clients

Just because you have a great marketing strategy doesn’t mean you will get instant success upon implementation. There may be times when you need to practice a little patience if you wish to get the best out of your set strategy. This is where having set goals comes into play. When you make realistic goals, you keep the pressure of succeeding to a minimum. Don’t expect to get numerous sales just because a post you made on Facebook for example got thousands of likes. Sometimes it takes more than the post to close the deal.

Having little desire to learn

Store front strip mall stores and city skylineWhat you learnt about the best marketing strategy years ago may not necessarily work in the world we live in today. As such, it is a good idea to keep adding to your knowledge bank if you wish your business to keep prospering even with the changes in time. With learning comes a wealth of knowledge of what might work best in your marketing strategy and what might not. For example, you might have had immense sales through advertising in newspapers, magazines and such years ago. However, with the change in consumer behavior, it you don’t embrace online marketing then you stand a big chance of losing a large chunk of potential clients who now look to the internet for information.

The mistakes above are just a few of the mistakes commonly made by real estate agents. When you open yourself up to learning new things and not being afraid to try out new strategies, you stand a great chance of implementing and reaping from your online marketing strategies.


Jason has been an SEO Consultant for a few years now. He started out providing general services for business in various niches. However, he now focuses much of his efforts into providing specializes Plumber SEO Services. However, he still has a few real estate clients which he has worked with closely over the past few years to help him gain knowledge and experience in those fields of marketing.…

Bounce Rates And SEO

AN introduction TO bounce-rates

bounce-rateBounce rate is widely used in website traffic analysis. It represents the average percentage of online visitors to a site who “bounce” away to a different site, rather than continue on to other pages within the same site.

Bounce rates are used extensively by online marketers to analyze users and their preferences. For example, you have a web design article site with more than 500 articles. However, if your bounce rate is higher then it implies that something is wrong with your site. Either visitors are finding your site hard to navigate, or your content is not being perceived as helpful by visitors. Also, it could be possible that you are unable to target potential customers. If your product is meant for kids, then you need to target age groups of 5-10 (depending on your product). If your bounce rate is high, it implies that either you are targeting wrong age group or your content / product is not attracting any attention by the visitors.

If you are using Google analytic or any other analytic then it will show you the bounce rates for various keywords ( organic or PPC visitors). You don’t need to sit with a pen and pencil to calculate bounce rate for every single click. Most of the analytic scripts will handle this aspect for you including Google analytics (Everybody loves free products).

Bounce Rate and SEO Connection

Bounce rate was more inclined towards marketing/business aspect of any website. However, in the past few months SEO industry is getting some inside information that Google could be using bounce rates to determine top page rankings (especially on top pages of Google search results ranging from pages 1-10).

This technique could be used to ward-off black hat SEO sites which are artificially optimized for unrelated keywords. These websites will naturally display high bounce rates.

On the other hand, this same technique can be used by competitors to pull down other competitor sites on organic listings. This practice is widely common in Pay Per Click which is also termed as Click Fraud. This technique is used to exhaust PPC budget of competitor sites.

Therefore, Google will use Bounce rate data carefully and it can be used for temporary period of time. For example a website with higher bounce rates might get pushed to pages 3-4 from Page 1 for duration of 10-15 days. This is all what any SEO can perceive from Google’s viewpoint. Google has not made this information available to anyone, but it could be using these sorts of techniques to promote genuine websites with genuine content.

The ultimate goal of any search engine is to present best information to any visitor who is searching for that specific keyword. Therefore Bounce rate can prove as a helpful tool in giving priority to certain websites over others.

However, Google cannot afford to grant permanent positions to any website (unless it shows consistent bounce rate over a period of 6 months – 1 year. This tool can be used to decide who will rank on the top page, but it doesn’t imply that every single site with higher bounce rates will be pushed to the bottom or will receive some sort of penalty.

Google can use bounce rates in following manner:

  • If any website hasn’t installed Google analytic then Google can rely on number of separate I.P clicks received on a particular website over a period of time from within Google search results.
  • Once a user clicks on the site, and Google detects Google analytics, then it can use Bounce rate as a factor to decide whether your site is helpful to your visitors or not.

If Google has introduce this feature then it must be using a combination of other parameters to grant that “Temporary High Rankings” to websites with lesser bounce rates.

Therefore, Google will try its best to ensure that this ranking factor doesn’t get manipulated by Black Hat SEOs. Moreover, it could be possible that Google is only using websites listed on top 10 pages who have genuinely gained positions. Any new website trying to gain instant rankings will be checked by various parameters as compared to an established website.

Google has clearly distinguished keywords on the basis of their competitive levels. If a keyword is highly competitive then you need to pass several “TESTS” before gaining top positions. However, if a keyword is less-competitive, then you can score higher rankings quickly.

We conducted some experiments on different websites using Google analytics. Some of these websites were not using Google analytics. At the end of these experiments we did observe some changes in the ranking positions, but you cannot perceive the exact manner in which it was done by Google. We did observe some changes and this experiment was also conducted to gain higher rankings of a website which is ranking on to a different geo location ( or any other).

If your website is genuinely helpful to visitors then Google analytic can help your site to gain higher rankings. However, if your website is not helpful, then Bounce rate within Google analytic could effect your rankings.

Therefore the best way is to make your website informative in terms of content and usability. Always target best audience and abstain from gaining artificial rankings. If your articles are helpful then users will automatically bookmark them and promote them on other social bookmarking sites.

You can also try to remove Google analytics, but it wont help you much. Even if you remove Google analytics, Google can still collect this data easily from Google toolbar. So all those users who visit your website and have Google toolbar installed can pass off some useful information to the Google search engine ranking algorithm.

If Alexa can collect traffic data from users who have installed Alexa toolbar, then why can’t Google use the same trick.

Google bounce rate can be a blind tool, if you are receiving 100 phone calls from potential visitors.

Therefore it could be more applicable to those genuinely ranking on top 1-10 pages of google or those who are indulging in heavy black hat spamming techniques.…

Secrets to getting your guest blog published

blogging-ideasEverybody has their own reasons unto why they want to be placed higher in their line of work. Some want traffic increase to their business and websites. Others want to be seen as experts in their industry. For whatever reason you are having, you can be sure it will take time before you get results you wish. Some work has to be done in the process. Among the many ways to get known in the external world is use of gust blogging. This is where you write blogs for other bloggers in order to show to the other audience what you are capable of. In the current times, don’t be sure of getting a backlink. This is because this SEO guest blogging was basically outlawed. This should not worry you however because you can get links to your social profiles or your site in your biography. Listed links can then help you to improve traffic to your site. Below are some ideas that will help you emerge successful in guest blogging.

  1. Start by building the portfolio you own

You should have something before you ask editors for guest blogging on their websites. These are the basics for to show them your capabilities. Your accounts on social media should also be built as Neil Patel says. Having blogs is a better way to do your own publishing. Social accounts can also work well for you in content distribution. There are various options to achieve this. One is by choosing blogging platforms that are free online e.g. blogger and WordPress. The other option is adding blog sections to your sites in the case where you own a portfolio online or sell various products online. Use of LinkedIn publishing is also recommended to increase your exposure.

Here are some points to consider when writing blog posts

  1. Do some research first regarding your line of work and emphasize on the titles that give better results by the engagement they usually receive.
  2. Try as much as possible to make your posts and titles to be original. Make them to also be understandable by the people in your industry.
  3. Make the content arrangement appealing and easy to read. Block texts usually discourage readers. Having bullets, sub headings and images in between can enhance readability.
  4. The title should be appealing in the eyes of the audience in that it tells them how it will help them solve their problems.
  5. CTA (call to action) should also be placed at the end of your post and well in order to direct the audience what to do next. A little bit of audience engagement like a discussion or comment is desirable.
  6. Include links on your post from other blogs that are ranked as high profiles. This adds some value to your post and it looks more important to read in the eyes of the audience.
  1. Social media engagement

Social media networks contain most of the readers that you can target. They also help you to distribute your content to as many people as possible. Furthermore, they help you to get known out there by many. You can do this on Facebook, Google plus, twitter among others. Instagram and Pinterest can also be used for very visual blogs. After this is done, it should be maintained by continuous posts on the social media to ensure the number of followers is increasing and not reducing. Many bloggers are persuaded to get into the business of buying followers at a fee. This is misleading because most of such followers are not interested and you cannot force them into you. You should learn to find your original followers and from your niche.

  1. Research on the sites you target most

This step is applicable after completing the last two steps above. That is, after your blog has been filled with excellent posts and you have increased the following on the social media. You can then research on the publications you wish to contribute. It is advisable to start with lesser but well-known sites because top ones such as Huffington post are hard to enter during beginner stage.

Lewis DVorkin who is the CPO of Forbes has said that Forbes involves industry experts and professional journalists investigated by team members and editors. He said that they look at their work and credentials and many are those chased away. This makes it clear that you have to be experienced and have gained some knowhow to join sites like Forbes. The best option for beginners is to go for the blogs that deal within their niche because they will permit them to show their capability by use of tutorials and articles. Such sites include SitePoint.

Various search terms can be used including design, industry keywords, submit contents, submission guidelines, contributor guidelines etc. these are not the only ones available for use to search. They are only meant to give you a rough idea of what you should be searching. Other methods can also be used to locate the niche blogs for you to make contributions to. These sites include AllTop.

  1. Research on editors and the format of sites

Most of the sites you are willing to publish for will have initial email as a requirement. This email should tell them briefly the types of articles you are willing to contribute. Other sites will only have forms for you to submit your content. Editors are also very important people to consider. These should be researched especially those in the sections that you are looking forward to contributing to. They should then be addressed properly in your pitch email.

You are not alone when submitting these emails and you are not sure if they will consider you. When you use improper language, you help them to easily discard you. On the side of editors, it is advisable to ask for details from the willing blogger. Failure to do this shows that you are lazy in finding the best writer! The results hence will be un-researched and poorly written blog posts.

This research should be done on Google and sitemaps in order to locate the convenient editor for your posts. In the process, you can also get publication information which can be helpful. Titles and the writing formats should also be researched. Submission guidelines offered by many of these publishers should be read through and followed.

  1. Idea presentation

The email you send should be concise and as short as possible. The ideas should flow to make the editor see your thoughts and creativity. Only a few ideas should be written on the email about the synopsis briefly. Written samples in the past or portfolios should also be included by using links. The email structure is also an important aspect to note. You should make it appear to the editor that you well what the site you are willing to contribute to does. That is you already know the needs of the editor and you have gone through the posts on their site. At the end, indicate your intensions like how it would be pleasure to write on their site. This way, you can be sure that your pitch email will be successful.

The editors are probably busy with their work and hence writing too much may discourage them from reading your pitch email in the first place. The requests are also many and hence the one that digestible quickly is the most likely to be selected.

  1. Post writing

This will only happen if you pass the above steps and is given the opportunity. To reach this stage, make sure you perfect the above steps. Post writing on other sites will involve a deadline and if this is not indicated by the editor, it is your obligation to email him/her a date that you are both likely to be conversant with so that she/he can prepare.

For the actual writing, there are given guidelines to follow. These should be adhered to. Make sure that your post is original and fresh to appear new to the readers. Research is a key aspect to achieving this. Supporting information links, video and images can also be advisable where possible. These however can be discouraged by some editors and hence consultation is required before proceeding to include them. When sourcing of images is required, the graphics used should be desirable. Where the sites permit you to use searched images, you should seek permission and carefully check the licensing.

It appears desirable when you include screenshots during creation of tutorials. They help to clearly demonstrate the techniques used. The post should allow for easy scanning also. These are some points to help you in that;

  • Use bulleting
  • Use images where appropriate only
  • Paragraphs should be maintained concise and short usually 2-3 sentences at maximum
  • Spacing between paragraphs should be left
  • The grammar as well as the spelling should be checked thoroughly. Grammarly and HemingwayApp are helpful tools in this. They check spelling and passive voice overuse/long paragraphs/long sentences respectively.

After ensuring the post is free of any errors and you are conversant with it, submit it and wait for editor’s feedback. The editor should be given their freedom and disturbing them is not recommendable. You should remain patient without emailing them. Only after some weeks without feedback is appropriate to send them a short message and ask for updates. If it turns out that edits are required, don’t hesitate, do as the editor says and resubmit.

  1. Promote your post

When your post goes live, you can take a step and share it through the social media. This is not enough as you are required to look out on the comments and keep it lively. This will encourage the editors to give you another opportunity if you remain active in the society online and also respond to the comments. You can make things even better if you create tweetable on social media in order to persuade the followers check out on them, read them and share them to their followers too. CTA inclusion is also another way to engage the readers. It also prompts other to be tempted to read your post. For the call to action bit to be effective, you have to be creative and develop something that will persuade the audience to the maximum.

Scheduling software can further help to reach out more audience by sharing the posts through them. The audience engagement is also increased. Some etiquette however should be shown to those whole share, comment and like the post by thanking them. You can also consider hiring an SEO Specialist in Brampton to monitor the promotion of your posts and your content outreach campaigns. A good Digital Marketing company will promote your posts for you and respond to interactions between your business and your audience online.

  1. Repeat the same continuously

It is the last step to take to ensure that you remain on that successful position in the coming days. When your post gets to the public, you will expect to have more traffic on your site. This can take time for the beginners especially. More is still required of you before you reach the level of an influencer or thought leader. To reach here, more posts will have to be consistently posted. Other than this, getting involved in various forum discussions can further boost the results. It is recommended to get out to the outside world frequently and comment on blogs relating to your industry or on LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Reddit and google plus.


For you to become a successful guest blogger, you must have a plan prior to start everything else. You should set your goals and let them drive you through the entire blogging. It will take time and extra work to get to the objectives you set. Since no shortcuts will apply, it is good to adhere to the outlined above steps. Staying online and engaging your audience will boost your growth. After all is well, your name will become popular in the outside world and the other way will apply. The editors will be looking for you instead of you looking for them. At such a stage, you can call yourself an market influencer.…